5 Interesting Accounting Blogs

5 Must-Read Accounting Blogs

  • The Accounting Onion
  • Accounting Today
  • Accountex Report
  • Accounting Web
  • AICPA Insights®

Accountants often read interesting accounting blogs to help them keep up with what’s going on in the accounting world, and aspiring accountants look for the blogs to help them learn about the field of accounting. Accounting blogs talk about accounting seminars, workshops, new technology, and various other financial manners and some not so financial. While the idea of working with numbers all day long may appear boring to some, there are few things quite as exciting to an accountant. Here are five interesting accounting blogs.

1. The Accounting Onion

The Accounting Onion is a blog started by a former accounting teacher and one that’s been around for more than nine years. It talks about a lot of interested accounting topics. With tax season finally winding down but still going on for many, the Accounting Onion offers some good tips for tax preparation as well as ways to save money on taxes. It also talks about the federal budget deficit, getting audited and financial accounting in general.

2. Accounting Today

Accounting Today provides comprehensive guides and resources covering auditing, accounting technology and financial planning, among other things. It also discusses some of the leading accounting professionals and firms through the use of both newsletters, blogs and podcasts. Accounting Today is probably one of the most popular news providers for the bookkeeping and tax community. It’s easy to navigate so readers can easily find an area of interest.

3. Accountex Report

Accountex Report is a high-quality technical blog offering accounting information for consultants, accountants and both small and medium-sized businesses. It offers valuable information on good business practices, income taxes and new accounting software. Users can also find some great tips for using QuickBooks.

4. Accounting Web

The Accounting WEB is a professional organization and blog for today’s accountant. It acts as an online community and offers much information to accountants and those interested in accounting. Readers ranked this blog very highly as one of the best sources of information and ideas for accountants. It focuses on some of the newest concepts and technologies being used in accounting today. Readers can find information on audit preparation, marketing materials, laws and ethics software on the market today, cloud accounting, Xcel tips and formulas, and general information on deductions for the professional individual.

5.  AICPA Insights

Individuals who are accountants or CPAs generally put this accounting blog at the top of their list. It’s the official blog for the American Institute of CPAs. It’s not just written by one or two people but is written by ACPA staff and various accounting professionals with a lot of information on various topics in the accounting profession. Saving for college, spring cleaning tips and information on the Kentucky Derby are just a few of the many topics covered on AICPA Insights®. It’s not always about all things accounting, which may be why this blog is so interesting and so popular.

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Despite the growing technology, accounting and popular field. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts accountants will see a 10 percent job growth during the 2016-2026 decade. Hopefully, the list of accounting blogs can be helpful because there are so many other there. Whether an individual is an accountant or is hoping to be one in the future, reading accounting blogs can be a great way for him or her to network and get to know other accountants.