5 Great Accounting Conferences in 2018

Five Best 2018 Conferences for Accountants

  • EDGE Career Development
  • American Accounting Association Annual Meeting
  • Xerocon
  • Accountex
  • Accounting and Finance Show

For the most successful accountants, learning does not end at graduation but continues through their careers in the form of professional development classes and events like the 2018 cutting-edge accounting conferences. At these conventions, finance professionals network, attend keynote speeches by industry leaders, and complete training seminars involving new technology and methodologies. Whether tax specialists, CPAs, or investment experts, all accountants can find a relevant event including those listed below.

1. EDGE Career Development

Organized by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), this event focuses on advanced education for CPAs. There are seven tracks for participants depending on their individual interests and career goals as well as five keynote speakers with the potential to earn up to 35 continuing professional education credits. Some key themes involve leadership skills, auditing and accountability issues, estate planning, and trends in technology. The actual event runs from June 12-14 with two days of workshops available prior to the conference.

2. American Accounting Association Annual Meeting

The AAA organizes an annual Conference on Teaching and Learning especially for accounting graduate students, educators, and researchers. In 2018, the event is scheduled for early August in Washington, D.C., and will focus on “Pathways to a Sustainable Future.” With more than 3000 professionals expected to attend, the event is a great opportunity for networking and learning about the newest research in the field. Attendees are encouraged to submit their own papers ahead of the event, and winners in different categories will be displayed.

3. Xerocon

Xerocon is a two-day popular accounting conference in 2018 that will be held in Atlanta, Georgia, with a Pre-Con welcome event one day prior. Combining technology with accounting, this event focuses on the application of cloud accounting software and how to leverage this to build a stronger client base. Planned topics include automation, marketing techniques, and digital accounting practices. Participants can earn CPE credits for different certifications during these sessions.

4. Accountex

This 2018 conference for accountants is the only one that is completely independent from industry advertisers. During this three-day Boston even in August, more than 100 different exhibits will showcase the most innovative products on the market. Attendees will also have the opportunity to listen to keynote speakers talk about issues like cybersecurity, integrating apps and gadgets into an accounting practice, and techniques for writing proposals.

5. Accounting and Finance Show

In New York City from July 11th to 12th, this is the largest free accounting conference in 2018. There are opportunities to earn CPE credits, especially in areas related to tech skills in the industry. This is increasingly important in accounting as Forbes reports that machine learning, digital security, cloud usage, and data analytics will be the driving forces of accounting in the future.

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Regardless of whether a professional specializes in taxes, auditing, investments, or a different accounting discipline, the field is rapidly changing. As in past years, there are many worthwhile conferences for accountants in 2018 that allow them the opportunity to connect with other professionals and learn about the latest developments.