What Careers are Available to those who Major in Accounting with a Specialization in Finance and Marketing?

In the world of business, there are two major aspects that are placed at a premium. The first is marketing. Without it, the business will never render the customers it needs to keep the doors open. The other aspect is finance. This has everything to do with the money that is the reason the business is open in the first place. With a degree in accounting, there are a vast amount of opportunities in the finance industry thus making a major in finance a critical part of the accounting degree. Marketing, on the other hand is more related towards the business operations than finance but they both serve a similar purpose and having a background in both will serve any business or customer well. Listed below are some careers that will utilize both the finance and marketing aspects of the accounting degree.

Banking and Financial Planning

The banking system is a critical part and the core of the finance industry. Whether you are working in a commercial banking or investment banking, the finance degree is one that will definitely apply towards that position. The marketing background will allow you to understand your customers needs and be aware of the market trends when advising your customers in their financial matters.

Stock Broker

Much like in banking, dealing in stocks and bonds requires a substantial amount of money transferring. As a broker you are managing, handling, advising, and moving customers’ stock options and are in control of their financial future. With one bad trade, your customers can lose everything. On the other end of the spectrum, with one good trade your customers can become rich. In this, the marketing background will allow you to notice good trends and point out the bad ones.

Insurance Broker

When acting as a broker for insurance, customers pay you money, in advance, to cover a loss later on in life. The accounting degree will allow you to predict trends and analyze what insurance policies are good for your customers and which one are bad. The marketing focus will give you insight on insurance investment trends that may benefit both you and your customers and secure prosperity.

Public Accountant

As a public accountant, you are responsible for all aspects of your customer’s money. This can range from doing their taxes to advising them on ways in which they can generate more income. The focus on finance will pay you great dividends where balancing your customer’s books are concerned. The marketing focus will benefit in a more subtle way by trying to maximize your customer’s portfolio via the understanding of current money trends.

With exception of the banking opportunities, these positions often require an amount of independence. As a broker, you may be part of a firm but your work is commission based and relies on your ability to market your skills to your customers in order to render their trust. As a public accountant, you are your customer’s finance department. They rely on you to make trustworthy decisions with their money. Understanding marketing concepts will help you generate more customers as well as help them understand how the market affects their finances.