What Careers are Available to those who Major in Accounting with a Specialization in Business Administration?

Careers in the accounting field are abundant as there are no shortages in businesses looking for people who can manage their company’s finances. Pilot that career with a minor in business administration and it’s a win-win combination for any business looking for somebody with the business savvy to get things done as well as balance their books. The business administration focus allows an employee to understand the basic functions and daily operations of the business itself, thus rising the average bean counter to a level of department management. The accounting degree, which is the main focus, is the backbone of the employee’s skill sets and is quite valued in today’s work force. There are quite a few paths for the accounting major with a minor in business administration and can lead to a promising career.

Chief Financial Officer

These guys are the backbone of the administration in any business. Businesses are in operation to make money and the CFO is the one who watches, monitors, and maintains it all. With this comes great responsibility, though. In a publicly traded company, the CFO is also ultimately the one held accountable for all the financial reporting of the business. Attention to detail is paramount as this reporting must account for every single penny earned or spent.


Think of the comptroller as the chief accountant under the CFO. The comptroller is the one who watches and monitors the business accounts and reports the activity to the CFO. Comptrollers are often cast upon to do the dirty work for the CFO and ensure that the books are kept clean and tidy. While a knowledge of business administration isn’t required to be a comptroller, having a minor in administration helps in giving the comptroller some perspective on how businesses operate.

International Accountant

For businesses that operate overseas, knowledge of standard business practices is a must. In many cases, the accountant is the initial liaison for companies with offices outside the country’s borders. Having a knowledge of international markets through the minor in business administration will allow the traveling corporate accountant to understand the trends of the visiting country as well as put into account financial conversions that may occur.

Forensic Accountant

It seems like forensics play a role in every investigation these days. The analytical mind of an accountant is a strong trait for forensic investigators. Corporations like insurance companies to even the IRS utilize forensic accountants to uncover fraud, waste, and abuse. While the minor in business administration is helpful when trying to discover a company’s business ethics, there are also other certifications that are needed to fully take on those who try to cheat the system.The combination of business administration with finance opens a great many doors for the aspiring accountant. There are several career paths to follow and its certainly possible to cross paths should you find one of them not desirable. By adding business administration to an accounting degree, you will render many great opportunities that will prove to be beneficial in many ways.