Is Accounting a Good Career Choice?

When it comes to career choices, it’s important to remember that a career path is a personal decision. The unique factors and influences that comprise a person’s life are so varied and dynamic that selecting a career should never be done based upon a blanket statement. Keeping that in mind, accounting is an excellent career choice for many. Due to its accessibility, regularity, and salary, students should consider a career in the field of accounting.

Job Accessibility

Exploring job listings for work can be a difficult and tiresome venture. For the majority of job seekers, the process can be downright frustrating, and the results are usually disappointing. This is not the case with those who pursue a career in accounting. There are myriad open positions in this field. Businesses everywhere are in search of a qualified employee to handle accounting. In fact, on a list of the top 10 most popular degrees from, accounting ranks #9. It is a field in very high demand, and it shows no sign of being any other way. It is not a mystery as to why accounting is so accessible. Every operation needs someone to maintain its numbers from small business to large corporations.

Career Regularity

Another great aspect of a career in accounting is the structure and order that it offers. Some careers simply do not provide a healthy schedule or enough hours. However, accountants are able to maintain a robust calendar. The period before April 15th is obviously a busy period, and the time afterward is a respite. Having such a clear picture of the future is one of the many certainties found in the field of accounting. Furthermore, accounting employees rarely have difficulty finding enough hours at work. Hence, one of the most agreeable arrangements made available for workers is exemplified by accounting.

Salary Options

There is a considerable amount of money that can be made as an accountant. Obviously, higher levels of education open doors to higher paychecks, and the website helps generate a picture of the lucrative offers being made for accountants in the current job market. According to this website, the median expected salary for the position of “Accountant I” is $46,177 per year. If that does not sound impressive, it should be noted that this figure is the base salary, and that it’s the lowest listed figure. Based upon the income of the other types of accountants, the average accountant makes well over $60,000 per year. Therefore, it is clear that a comfortable salary is one of the many perks that accounting claims.

The benefits do not end here. There are many other considerations that make accounting a wonderful field that is worthy of study, such as job security, benefits, and more.