National University Master of Accountancy Degree Program

Since accounting is often referred to as the language of business, it makes sense that a Master of Accountancy degree opens doors to professional positions in virtually all public and private entities. Government agencies, nonprofits organizations, small businesses and massive corporations all employ accountants. With such widespread opportunities, it is no wonder that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a nearly 15 percent growth in the field within the next decade. If you are intrigued by the notion of launching a career in the field of accounting, but daunted by the amount of schooling required, National University’s Master of Accountancy degree program is an avenue worth exploring.

National University

Committed to providing its diverse student body with easy access to educational programs that are academically challenging and relevant to today’s fast evolving workplace, National University, California’s second largest private, nonprofit university, offers roughly 100 accredited undergraduate and graduate degree programs, 30 certificates, and more than 20 credentialed programs through its five schools and one college. While the university is based in San Diego, classes are offered online and at nearly 50 outreach locations scattered across the United States, making National University a convenient choice for almost anyone with an internet connection. Courses are scheduled in an exclusive one-course-per-month format that allows students extraordinary flexibility in scheduling their studies while still providing an accelerated pace that means they finish their degrees and join the workforce sooner.

Prerequisites for National University’s Master of Accountancy Degree Program

National University’s School of Business and Management strives to provide all of its students with the foundational knowledge and thorough understanding necessary for professional success. The school’s Master of Accountancy degree program is designed to create a vibrant, interactive learning environment where students who have already earned a bachelor’s degree in an area other than accounting can explore the subject. This program is not suitable for students who have already completed an undergraduate degree in accounting. Admission to the program is based on a student’s academic record, test scores, interview and professional experience. With applications reviewed throughout the year, accepted students can potentially begin their coursework during any month of the year, depending on the course offerings at the location they choose. This master’s degree program is offered online and at three California campuses in Coasta Mesa, Sacramento and San Diego.

Learning Outcomes for National University’s Master of Accountancy Degree Program

Accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education, National University’s accounting master’s program offers students a comprehensive understanding of accounting theory and practices, as well as their proper application. Students completing this program learn to calculate, analyze and report data according to accepted accounting practices using effective communication skills. They are taught to use current methods and technologies to assess the performance of an organization and to prepare reports to assist in internal and external decision making. Students also study the proper application of tax rules and auditing procedures. In addition, they receive training in the legal and ethical concepts that pertain to accounting.

Requirements of National University’s Master of Accountancy Degree Program

In order to earn their Master of Accountancy degrees, students are required to complete at least 63 quarter units, or 42 credit hours, of graduate-level coursework. This involves 14 classes in accounting, auditing, taxation and information systems. A maximum of 13.5 quarter units of graduate credit may be transferred for appropriate graduate work completed at another qualifying college or university as long as they were not already counted towards the receipt of a different advanced degree.

Tuition Costs for National University’s Master of Accountancy Degree Program

Tuition at National University is currently $384 per quarter unit of graduate-level coursework. This equals $1,728 for each 4.5 quarter unit class. Tuition for the full 14 classes required for the accounting master’s degree will total a little more than $24,000. Other charges and fees may apply. All prices are subject to change.

Becoming a Licensed Certified Public Accountant

While the exact requirement for licensure as a certified public accountant vary by state, most require candidates to have completed 150 credit hours of education, according to the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the largest professional organization for accountants in the world. Most aspiring CPAs fulfill this requirement by earning a bachelor’s degree, which typically involves approximately 120 credit hours, and then completing a master’s degree program, which involves 30 or more credit hours. National University’s Master of Accountancy degree program provides sufficient hours, but students should check with their state to verify the exact education requirements. In addition to the education requirements, prospective CPAs will also need to document a certain amount of professional experience and pass the four-part Uniform CPA Examination.

Becoming a licensed CPA opens a multitude of career possibilities throughout the business world, but graduates do not have to put their professional dreams on hold until they complete the licensing process. As Forbes points out, most aspiring CPAs take the exam while working full-time. In many cases, their employer will pay for all or part of the costs involved in taking the exam.

Career Possibilities

The accounting field offers a huge assortment of career paths. Public accountants provide accounting, auditing and consulting services to individuals and businesses. Management accounts work on a team to provide corporate executives with the analysis and data they need to make effective decisions. Auditors police an organization’s financial records, guarding against costly mistakes or outright fraud. Forensic accountants search through records and document evidence of criminal wrongdoings, helping the authorities to build the legal cases necessary to send criminals to prison. Some accountants run their own business. Others work for nonprofits, businesses, and even government agencies like the IRS or FBI.

National University’s flexible online courses make it possible for virtually anyone who is interested in pursuing an accounting career and already holds a bachelor’s degree in a different subject to jump into this in-demand field by enrolling in the university’s Master of Accountancy degree program. To learn more, call 1-800-NAT-UNIV or visit National University’s website.

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