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Finance and Accounting Degrees Offered at University of Maryland-University College

The University of Maryland-University College appears in our ranking of The Top 15 Best Affordable Online Master’s in Accounting Degree Programs.

The University of Maryland-University College is one of the top schools in the state of Maryland, and it’s one of the best accredited online colleges in the country. Students who attend UMUC have a choice of several undergraduate and graduate degrees in finance and accounting. The accounting department at UMUC is dedicated to helping students achieve their educational goals with guidance and mentoring at every stage of the learning process.

Undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in finance and accounting programs at UMUC have access to many online resources, such as textbooks, library books, online lectures and labs, conferences, webinars and personal meetings with professors and teaching assistants. Because all of the degrees offered at UMUC are conducted entirely online, students are free to arrange their schedules without worrying about planning special trips to the campus.

UMUC offers four finance and accounting degrees in all. Undergraduate students can take advantage of the bachelor’s of business administration in accounting degree, and graduate students have three convenient options to choose from. The accounting and financial management master’s degree is designed to put professional accountants on a career path toward senior management positions at top agencies, including the Big Four firms. The accounting and information systems master’s degree option gives students the technical skills they need to enter the field of information technology in a position of management. The management master’s degree with accounting specialization is the best choice for students pursuing careers in executive management at organizations where finance and accounting take priority, such as banks and credit card companies.

All of the graduate degree programs in finance and accounting at UMUC are master’s programs intended for accountants and financial management professionals pursuing career advancement. They’re academically equivalent to state-level professional certification in finance and accounting management.

A master’s degree at UMUC requires 36 credit-hours of classroom time, including two elective courses, 12 hours of online labs and a master’s capstone project that demonstrates the student’s mastery of the subject matter. Graduate accounting courses at UMUC include several technical management courses, such as Fraud and Forensic Accounting, Accounting for Non-Accounting Managers, Accounting for Governmental and Nonprofit organizations and Accounting Information Systems.

The bachelor’s of business administration in accounting is a four-year degree that prepares graduates for careers in top accounting firms across the country. Graduates of the bachelor’s program are qualified to enroll in a Certified Public Accountant program after graduation. The bachelor’s program is designed to prepare students to sit for the CPA exam and become certified to practice accounting in the state of Maryland.

Finance and accounting students at UMUC have many opportunities to pursue career advancement in a wide range of specializations. From management information systems to financial management, the career opportunities for UMUC graduates are exciting and rewarding. Accounting students can apply for internships, and UMUC graduates can take advantage of job placement assistance available through the accounting department. Counselors and professors are always available to help students plan their course schedules and prepare for exams and capstone projects.

About University of Maryland-University College

UMUC is an online public state college that is geared toward preparing students for careers in a wide range of industries. Because all classes are conducted online, students have the freedom to arrange their schedules around their jobs, families and personal lives. UMUC was founded in 1958 as a public state college in Maryland, and it has since become a top destination for local students and military service members seeking career advancement.

One of the unique features of the online programs at UMUC is that all classroom resources are available for free through the course website. Students never have to spend money on textbooks or additional reading materials because they are all accessible from a virtual classroom portal. For over 70 years, UMUC has provided accessible accredited education for students of all ages and backgrounds. It offers a convenient and stimulating educational experience along with impeccable academic credentials for graduates of every degree program.

University of Maryland-University College Accreditation Details

UMUC is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE), which is a regional accrediting body that certifies UMUC to award a wide range of degrees to students within the University System of Maryland. Because the MSCHE is a regional accrediting body rather than a national one, UMUC is able to offer a broad range of options to students without the added cost and complexity of multiple national accreditations. All of the finance and accounting degrees at UMUC are accredited by the MSCHE, and UMUC is required to uphold a high standard of academic quality through a process of peer review by faculty and administrators of similar universities in the region.

University of Maryland-University College Application Requirements

Applying for enrollment at UMUC is a very easy process, and most applicants are accepted without restrictions. UMUC has special application requirements for military members and federal employees, and government documents are required to verify the status of each applicant. Students transferring from other universities should have copies of their transcripts available at the time of application although the enrollment process can still proceed if these documents are unavailable. Freshmen enrolling at UMUC simply need to have their high school transcripts available to show that they have completed the classroom hours required for college enrollment. Any students returning to UMUC after an absence of two or more years need to complete the application process again. All of their academic records will still be available in the UMUC enrollment system.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition rates for undergraduate courses at UMUC are estimated to be about $294 per credit-hour while rates for graduate courses are approximately $458 per credit-hour. UMUC also offers several doctoral programs at around $1,087 per credit-hour, but none of these programs are offered by the finance and accounting department. Federal grants and low-interest loans are available through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid program, and additional scholarships and grants are available through the UMUC student financial office. Military members can apply for federal assistance through the Department of Veterans Affairs as well as through the FAFSA program.

More information about finance and accounting degrees can be found on the accounting page of the UMUC website.