5 Top-Paying Accounting Careers

5 Accounting Careers with Highest Income

  • Financial Manager
  • Accounting Software Developer
  • Professor of Accounting
  • Budget Analyst
  • Financial Analyst

Careers in accounting are among the most lucrative careers today, and what makes them even more attractive is that they offer fantastic chances for advancement. Every business needs some type of an accounting professional to maintain their finances, and the following careers are some of the highest-paying positions in the field.

1. Financial Manager

Financial managers, also referred to as chief financial officers, are those professionals who are mainly responsible for the financial health of the organizations that they work for. While their duties may vary depending on the company they work for, typical duties for financial managers include helping management make financial decisions, preparing financial statements and forecasts, looking for ways to cut costs, and supervising lower-level accounting staff members.

2. Accounting Software Developer

Decades ago, accounting was accomplished solely through the use of such things as accounting ledgers, calculators, and adding machines. The work of accountants during this time was quite tedious, to say the least. However, due to the many terrific advances in technology today, various types of accounting software have made accounting careers much easier. Furthermore, this has opened up a new field in accounting: that of the accounting software developer.

3. Professor of Accounting

Perhaps the most rewarding careers in accounting are professors of accounting. These careers are great for individuals who would like to make a difference in the lives of others. Professors can be found working in colleges and universities, and their main responsibility is to instruct students in the various aspects of accounting. Typical duties of accounting professors include preparing assignments, reviewing submitted assignments, advising students, and meeting with other faculty members to ensure that the accounting program meets state and federal requirements.

4. Budget Analyst

Another career that is in the category of top-paying careers for accounting professionals involves budget analysis. Budget analysts help organizations maximize their profits by developing and monitoring budgets, helping managers determine where to allocate resources, and estimating the future financial needs of the company. According to statistics provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, positions in budget analysis are expected to grow by about 7 percent over the next several years.

5. Financial Analyst

The jobs of financial analysts are similar to those of budget analysts in that they work closely with managers of organizations to maximize profits. However, unlike budget analysts, financial analysts are not responsible for developing budgets. Rather, their main responsibility is to help organizations and individuals make smart investment decisions. These experts can be found working independently or within such organizations as banks, insurance companies, and various other types of businesses.

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It is a fact that organizations of all sizes need qualified accounting experts to maintain their finances, and the best thing about this is that there are many terrific benefits associated with these careers. Not only do they provide top salaries and room for advancement but careers in the field of accounting can be some of the most rewarding positions today as well.