5 Study Resources for Accounting Students

Top Five Study Resources for Accounting Majors

  • Corporate Finance Institute
  • American Accounting Association
  • Skeptical CPA
  • American Institute of CPAs
  • Accounting Tomorrow

Training to become an accountant requires extensive study, and students should know about the top online resources for accounting majors. From professional blogs to occupational resources and guides, the best study resources for accounting students offer up-to-date information and helpful perspective for anyone pursuing an accounting degree. The study resources on this list are the perfect places to start the process of professional development and research.

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1. Corporate Finance Institute

Corporate Finance Institute is one of the top accounting resources on the Internet. It offers statistics, news, guides, and information about many types of financial jobs. CFI specifically caters to students who are planning to take the Certified Public Accountant exam. Students can find valuable information at CFI about professional techniques in the world of finance. CFI also offers valuable advice about preparing for exams and mastering the techniques of accounting. It’s a good idea to bookmark the CFI website for future reference because it is always being updated with relevant information.

2. American Accounting Association

The American Accounting Association is the largest organization of accountants in the industry. It offers excellent resources and study guides for students who are planning their careers and working to obtain a professional degree. The American Accounting Association aims to provide leadership and professional guidance in the field of accounting, and many useful programs are offered for accounting majors and students preparing for the CPA exam. According to the American Accounting Association, students and professionals can join one of seven regional networks and attend meetings and local gatherings throughout the year.

3. Skeptical CPA

Skeptical CPA is a professional blog that offers an insider’s point of view of the field of accounting from an experienced CPA. Skeptical CPA has been around since 2007, and it covers a wide range of topics in great detail. Most of the articles on Skeptical CPA are news stories about events in the world of finance and accounting. They offer information and insight for students looking for an introduction to their chosen field of study. Accounting majors and CPA students can learn useful information about finance from the in-depth articles and guides published on Skeptical CPA.

4. American Institute of CPAs

The AICPA is an organization that is dedicated to supporting students and professionals in the world of accounting. According to the AICPA, research funding is available through the AICPA Foundation for students who are pursuing advanced degrees in accounting. One of the goals of the AICPA is to increase the number of professionals with PhDs in accounting. The AICPA is an essential resource for all accounting students enrolled in post-graduate programs. PhD students should refer to the AICPA for resources and information that can help them earn their degrees and become employed in academia.

5. Accounting Tomorrow

Accounting Tomorrow is a blog dedicated to helping accounting majors and professionals improve their skills and become more competent students and workers. The blog covers a wide range of topics. From best practices to accounting entrepreneurship, the subjects presented by Accounting Tomorrow are highly relevant to today’s students and young professionals. The site is continuously updated, so students should check back regularly for new techniques and advice.

Accounting is one of the fastest-growing professions in the country, and students should take advantage of all the study resources at their disposal. The associations and blogs on this list are indispensable resources for accounting majors and students preparing for the CPA exam.