5 Study Aids for the CPA Exam

Five Great Tools To Help Pass the CPA Exam

  • Becker Review Course
  • Ninja CPA Review
  • YouTube Videos
  • Old Accounting Textbooks
  • Public Forums

Candidates who apply to take the CPA exam are going to face one of the hardest forms of uniform testing in the world. Fortunately, many accounting experts have made it their goal to simplify the process and ease the level of difficulty surrounding these notorious licensing tests. So, what are some popular resources available to applicants?

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Becker Review Course

Although Becker is one of the high-end products related to the CPA exam preparation, it is undoubtedly amongst the top few options in the market. Presently, this software has a long-lasting contract with every single one of the Big Four accounting firms and the marketing for it is unparalleled by any competitor. Thus, it comes as no surprise that individuals looking for a tool that has been confirmed to aid students effectively will probably come across Becker at some point. Some of the most notable features include video lectures of every single module followed up by skill-practice assessments, multiple-choice questions, and task-based simulations.

Ninja CPA Review

Similar to Becker, Ninja CPA review is an online software equipped with learning materials for all four sections of the CPA. Members can choose to purchase all four simultaneously or one by one as they progress through studies. Interestingly enough, however, Ninja is the only provider that offers monthly payment plans to users who can subscribe to the resource and utilize it for as long as deemed necessary. This differs from Becker as Ninja does not limit buyers to an 18-month period where they have unlimited access to everything. As far as the features, they are divided into seven different tactics including videos, notes, flashcards, multiple-choice questions, simulations, audio, and more.

YouTube Videos

While having a professional software to prepare for the CPA might be the most convenient way to go about studying, it is certainly not the only one. In fact, thousands of applicants take their exams with nothing more than a set of good notes, online research, and YouTube videos. This is becoming more and more popular as professional practicians get into the industry of online lecturing on platforms such as YouTube where they can earn advertising revenue. The most obvious benefit here is the fact that the up-front costs are much nonexistent.

Old Accounting Textbooks

Another important resource that can be used alongside any of the aforementioned is the student’s old accounting textbooks. After all, there is a reason why most undergraduate and graduate accounting college books cost hundreds of dollars. Those who wrote them tend to be multi-certified experts with decades of experience and a detailed familiarity with the CPA exam itself. So, saving those textbooks and looking over some of the most important topics that will show up on the exam can help one gain a few extra points needed to get over the 75-point threshold.

Public Forums

Finally, one of the most overlook resources available to everyone are public forums. According to the American Institute of CPAs, the CPA exam pass rates currently stand at anywhere from 46 to 59 percent. Well, given such a mind-boggling percentage of those who are not successful with the tests, it comes as no surprise that there are many online platforms where like-minded people connect to help each other. Hence why the forums can be an outstanding tool to utilize when it comes to getting an answer to a confusing question or basic uncertainties about the administrative side of things.

Of course, the list also includes everything that a student may possess when it comes to prior notes or quizzes taken in undergraduate or graduate courses. Nonetheless, since most of them get rid of said resources, the previous five would be the best study aids to look into when trying to pass the CPA exam!