5 Honest Ways to Help Your Child Get into College

5 Ethical Ways to Help Get Your Kids Into College

  • Encourage Extracurricular Participation
  • Provide Needed Academic Support
  • Visit Campuses For In-Person Interviews
  • Offer Financial Support
  • Have Open And Honest Discussions

Though scandals bring to light the lengths parents will go to for their kids’ education, it is imperative to remember the honest ways parents can help their child get into college. These more honest methods benefit teens the most in the long-term because it prepares them to be well-rounded individuals better equipped to succeed in college. Parents must provide support in the right way.

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1. Encourage Extracurricular Participation

It is fairly well-known by now that participation in extracurricular activities looks good on a college application. Parents should encourage their children to engage in activities the student shows interest in, and more importantly, in roles of responsibility. For example, students can run for office in the French Club or aim to be a leader of a sports team. Participation in an extracurricular activity of any variety demonstrates many key traits colleges are looking for in applicants such as passion, drive, responsibility, the ability to work well with others, leadership qualities and more. Perhaps most tellingly, these activities tell colleges a lot about who an applicant is as a person.

2. Provide Needed Academic Support

Getting good grades in certain subjects and doing well on standardized entrance examinations can be a challenge for many students. Even students for whom the ability comes naturally put in a lot of hard work to not only get into a good college but succeed while they’re there. Parents can help their children get into good colleges the honest way by spending the time to help them with assignments, valuing education and learning, getting tutors if extra help is needed and providing study materials for tests such as the ACT or SAT.

3. Visit Campuses For In-Person Interviews

One critical component of ensuring a student gets the most out of his or her college education is to find a college that is the right “fit,” as detailed by Forbes. To find the right fit, parents should be sure to take their kids to in-person campus visits so they can get a feel for the campus’ atmosphere themselves. In-person interviews are also recommended because they demonstrate to a school that a student is serious about applying there and it may be a point in favor of admission.

4. Offer Financial Support

With the increasing cost of a college education and exploding student debt, parents should be prepared to offer their teens as much financial support as possible for getting into college. Ideally, parents should begin saving for future higher education costs upon the birth of their child. Help students apply for scholarships. Parents should also explain the realities of financial aid so their students will understand the intricacies of it.

5. Have Open And Honest Discussions

The final and most important honest way parents can help their child get into college is by always being open and honest in communications with one another. Parents have to be concerned about what their child wants and not simply focus on what they think their child wants or is best for them. The enormous amount of pressure placed on students to successfully get into college can cause serious physical and mental health issues. Parents should also be ready to help their children through the possibility that they will not be admitted to their school of choice by being balanced rather than angry.

The college admissions process can be a long and grueling one for parents and their kids. But families mustn’t give up hope. There are many honest ways parents can help their child get into college.