5 Great International Accounting Careers

5 Top Careers in International Accounting

  • Transfer Pricing
  • International Tax
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Accounting Research
  • International Auditing

International accounting careers are some of the many perks that modern-day accountants enjoy. The globalization that is now connecting nations from around the world is making it possible to travel and meet new cultures on a regular basis. Hence why prospective accountants should understand some of the main routes they can take when it comes to international experience.

1. Transfer Pricing

A sub-area of accounting that most people are not aware of is transfer pricing. It revolves around helping large companies conduct transactions that go beyond the country’s borders. For people in this discipline, work often requires traveling to meet with prospective clients and other companies that operate in various nations. Thus, it is a great alternative for someone who is looking to do a lot of non-number based work while focusing on things like legal issues.

2. International Tax

In the division of tax accounting, almost every newcomer can agree that international tax is an area of interest. It is based on filing returns for companies that are earning revenues outside of their home country. For instance, any business making money outside of the United States while headquartered in one of the 50 states will have to classify those earnings differently. For accountants, that means a lot of trips to the international locations to consult with corresponding partners and ensure all laws are obeyed. Sometimes, accountants can even move to those locations and permanently work there.

3. Mergers and Acquisitions

Once upon a time, there were eight big accounting firms that were the largest in the world. Today, there are only four. Most of them went away through firm mergers. To facilitate such venture, accountants must often work with the company that they are merging with. As a consequence, an employee can build their entire practice around this area and enjoy a fruitful international accounting career. Just consider how many firms that merge reside in different states or countries. All of the planning stages in the merging process will require one to often visit foreign destinations and, in turn, this will make for a lasting international career.

4. Accounting Research

A lot of accounting firms invest a large amount of money into research and development. Doing so helps them recognize worldwide patterns that can affect their practice in the long-run. For aspiring or current accountants, that means a plethora of opportunities to visit countries where certain trends are emerging. Meaning, one could spend their entire career in an international country working on a life-long research project. Thus, not every accounting job will revolve around numbers and financial statements. On the contrary, research and development is an example of a great alternative for those who prefer academic endeavors.

5. International Auditing

Auditing is arguably the largest area in accounting. Most firms rely on audit practice to bring in the highest amount of revenues in a year. As such, it is divided into additional sub-areas. Similar to tax accounting that has the international sub-division, auditing also offers international opportunities. These are instances where employees can work on auditing international companies that are headquartered in foreign countries while operating domestically. Thus, even auditors can have exciting international careers in accounting.

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Accountants are one of the very few professionals that can turn their careers into a neverending traveling experience. After all, international careers in accounting continuously facilitate operations from the conglomerate, worldwide businesses.