5 Great Gift Ideas for Finance Nerds

5 Great Gift Ideas for the Finance Nerd On Your List

  • Home Library
  • Useful Presents
  • Conferences
  • Experiences
  • Gift Cards

Ironically enough, the people most difficult to spend money on are those who are the wisest at spending money themselves. Gift givers everywhere groan when it comes time to choose the perfect present for their finance loving friends and family. The struggle ends here, with these five great gift ideas for finance nerds.

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1. Home Library

Everyone’s favorite finance nerd probably spends multiple hours per week with their eyes glued to their screens, reading up on the latest finance articles. Help them give their eyes a rest and put their noses in books by wrapping up a custom home library. Forbes put together this comprehensive list of current best-selling finance books. Your favorite finance nerds will enjoy proudly showing off their new collection when all their finance friends come over.

2. Useful Presents

Finance nerds tend towards an aversion of clutter and excess. This is why useful gifts are perfect for them. Useful does not have to be synonymous with boring. Consider gifting a subscription to a meal preparation service. Everyone has to eat, but this allows some creativity and personalization. Purchase that new appliance they have been eying but putting off buying until the old one finally gives out. Really wow them by signing them a subscription to the latest finance software before they buy it for themselves. The Wall Street Journal offers a helpful guide to choosing finance software.

3. Conferences

Finance nerds love attending finance conferences. It gives them a chance to catch up on all the latest research, tools, and practices. It provides them ample opportunity to collaborate and geek out with other finance nerds. It is also a chance for them to travel to exciting places with a purpose, because finance nerds love to double task. These conferences are often quite expensive, so any contribution makes a great gift. This is an excellent idea for pooling together to create a group gift. INOMICS put together a list of all the best current finance events around the world.

4. Experiences

Perhaps you have been wanting to plan something fun with your favorite finance nerd, but attending finance conferences is not your cup of tea. Planning and funding the experience or event as a gift is the perfect opportunity to get them to let loose and have a fun time together. Finance nerds tend to talk about things they would like to do if it were not so expensive, or things they want but do not need. The next time you hear them utter phrases like these, you have your perfect gift idea!

5. Gift Cards

No, seriously, hear this one out. Gift cards have the reputation of lacking thought and personalization, but that is not always true, especially when buying gifts for financial nerds. These people tend to budget rigorously and put luxuries on the back burner. Gift cards allow them to pamper themselves without regret. Personalize it by selecting a few of their favorite shops and services, adding a unique card, or even stuffing the gift cards in a new wallet.

Never again will you find yourself scratching your head at the department store or scrolling endlessly through online catalogs. These five gift ideas have something for every finance nerd. They are sure to please even the most difficult gift recipients on your list.