5 Excellent Podcasts for Accountants

Podcasts for Accountants

• CPA Exam Review

• Accounting Play

• Accounting Best Practices with Steve Bragg

• The Xero Gravity

• The CPA Guide Podcast

Successful accountants, auditors, and CPAs often find that their careers keep them too busy to do almost anything other than work, which is why so many are finding podcasts for accountants very beneficial. Accounting podcasts are an ideal way for accounting professionals to keep up with without having to actually attend classes every day. Podcasts are a great education tool that can be utilized while they’re driving, waiting or lunch or relaxing at home. Podcasts for accountants are a perfect way for working CPAs and accountants to stay informed on accounting technology, standards, and news. Here are 5 excellent podcasts for accountants.

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CPA Exam Review

Created by Jeff Elliot, a licensed CPA, this accountant podcast is the most listened to CPA exam podcast on the web. It covers everything accounting students or accountants would want and need to prepare them for the CPA exam. It covers score releases, test preparation, CPA test study strategies and much more. This CPA exam readiness resource has proven to be accurate to within 4% of actual CPA test scores. It not only shows students how to study specific performance areas but also shows them how prepared they are in each are. It also offers an estimation of the time required to adequately study to pass the exam.

Accounting Play

This sequential group of accounting podcasts is brought to you by John Gillingham, a licensed CPA. It’s easily accessed through iTunes and can be downloaded for easy listening at the individual’s convenience. Accounting Play covers various topics, including accounting basics, financial statements, covering job interviews, C-corporations and accounting concepts such as FIFO and LIFO. Listeners also learn ways to increase and decrease credits and debits. They also obtain information on tax laws, chartered accountants, financial accounting and business taxes. Accounting Play also offers valuable information on small businesses.

Accounting Best Practices with Steve Bragg

This highly popular group of podcasts has been downloaded more than 2 million times, which is a testament to its value to accountants and accounting students. It’s done by Steve Bragg, a CPA, founder of Accounting Tools and an author who has written more than 100 business books. Accounting Best Practices is an excellent podcast for accountants because of the various and numerous topics it covers, including best accounting practices, payroll, closing out books, accounting standards, handling auditors, acquisitions, cycle counting, accounting standards, and management advising. It also offers continuing education information.

The Xero Gravity

This small business podcast, hosted by Gene Marks and Elizabith Ue, is very beneficial to practicing CPAs, beginning accountants and similar professional entrepreneurs. It covers interviews of several people who are small business owners and offers methods to make the small business thrive and be as profitable as possible. The podcast offers helpful information on balancing work and home life, attracting new customers and who to increase income. The Xero Gravity is available on both iTunes and Stitcher.

The CPA Guide Podcast

This podcast is hosted by CPA Bryan Kesler. It’s an excellent podcast for accountants preparing to earn certification in areas such as CPA, CIA, CMA, CISA or EA. The podcast covers everything related to finance or accounting careers. He talks about his ability to not only work full-time but also pass the CPA exam at the same time. Kesler offers many valuable tips on how to prepare to take and pass the exams with flying colors. The podcast also includes interviews with several successful accountants.

As the economy continues to grow and remain healthy, accountants will continue to be in demand, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, who predict accountants should see job growth of 10% between 2016 and 2026. The best career opportunities generally come to accountants who are educated and keep up with the latest accounting trends. Listening to the various podcasts for accountants is a good way for the busy accountant to keep current.