Why should I go into accounting?

Many students enter their college careers with no clue as to what they would like to do for a living. While it is common to have an undecided major as a freshman, declaring the right major early into your sophomore year is imperative if you would like to take the right coursework to stay on track as you earn your degree. Deciding what career you are working towards, in some instances, can be even more difficult than making the leap and enrolling in school. If you are an analytical thinker and you possess the right strengths, you may want to consider majoring in the field of accounting. If you are not sure if accounting is the right major for you, read on and find out why so many students are declaring this major.

You Can Enter Several Different Industry as an Accounting Professional

With some majors, there are a limited number of industries that you can enter. There is a need for accountants in corporations in each industry, in the healthcare sector, in the public sector, internationally, and in the investment world. The industry and the type of position that you pursue will determine what your salary range will be. Because there is so much diversity in terms of job opportunities, you can choose an accounting position in an industry that you enjoy working in and that you are passionate about.

Sizable Salaries for Entry-level and Experienced Accountants

One of the main reasons to attend college is that earning your degree will increase your lifetime earning potential. With an accounting degree, you can earn a sizable income even as a recent graduate. The top 10 percentile of accounting professionals report earning $109,870, with the average salary in the discipline earning $62,850. Obviously, the sectors that you choose to work in will play a role in potential salaries. If you work in financial investments or a huge corporation, you will earn more than a professional entering the field in a smaller office.

Employment Outlook in the Field is High

You should always consider future employment outlook in any field that you are interested in majoring in. If the outlook in a field is not positive, this could be an indicator that there is not much job security. One thing that is certain is that employment outlook in accounting is positive. The Bureau of Labor statistics show that employment for accountants with a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree is expected to grow by 16 percent by 2020. Many accounting majors say that they are hired immediately after graduation, making this a great choice if you do not want to get stuck in a random job as a degree holder.

From finance managers and budget analysts to CPAs and tax examiners, accounting professionals come in several different varieties. Professionals in the field report high job satisfaction due to job security, benefits, safe work environments, and quality compensation packages. You should consider your personality type and your strengths before you declare a major, and if you are a thinker and an analytical individual, this could be the discipline for you to focus on.