What Scholarships are Available to those Pursuing a Degree in Accounting?

Did you know that there are accounting scholarships that are designed for students who are majoring in the discipline? If you are planning on studying accounting or you are already enrolled in an accredited degree program, the money that you are awarded as a scholarship recipient can help you cover several different educational expenses. One of the greatest things about accounting scholarships is the fact that the money does not have to be paid back because it is an award and not a loan. This means that you can cut down on the amount of debt that you incur while you are in school and still live comfortably. Here are some discipline-specific scholarships for accounting majors that you may want to consider applying for:

Scholarship Awards Through the National Society of Accountants

The NSA is a professional association that offers students and professionals in accounting many different resources to succeed and excel. The NSA Scholarship program is funded by the NSA Scholarship Foundation, and all students earning a degree in Accounting from an accredited 2-year or 4-year school are eligible. To be considers for one of the many national scholarships that are awarded based on need and merit, you must be able to demonstrate financial need and have a B average or higher. While the award amounts vary, 40 scholarships are awarded each year. 

The John L. Carey Scholarship Sponsored by the AICPA

If you are familiar with the profession of accounting, you probably know that most students studying in the discipline eventually would like to become a CPA. Unlike many other scholarships, this opportunity is designed just for students who are pursuing graduate studies to attain a Master’s, MBA or a CPA license. One unique thing about this award is that students who do not have a degree related to accounting but plan to concentrate in accounting graduate studies are encouraged to apply. Students are selected for the $5000 non-renewable award based on leadership qualities and future career interests to become a CPA. 

Scholarships Just for Women Accountants

The Accounting and Financial Women’s Alliance, also known as the AFWA, is a society dedicated to helping women advance in the field. It promotes the professional growth of women in the field by offering many resources, networks and scholarship opportunities. The AFWA offers awards specifically for undergraduate and graduate students so that the competition for each award is lower. To apply, you must be a woman pursuing a career in accounting or finance and enrolled in an accredited degree program. 

There are many different scholarships that are for people who excel academically, but knowing where to look is key. While some opportunities are for all students regardless of their major, the awards that are granted for students in a specific discipline are much more realistic. Start by asking the Accounting department at your school for a list of scholarships that are school specific. Once you have this list, search for more awards that are available through professional agencies and organizations. After you construct a list,of accounting scholarships, you can start filling out applications and writing your personal statement essays.