What Publications Should an Accounting Student Subscribe to?

In addition to taking classes and working with professors, accounting students should also be reading good accounting publications. Whether you are doing research, keeping up on the latest news and trends, learning more about the accounting industry, needing study tips on your CPA exam or trying to find a job, you can be well served by reading many different publications.accounting journals

Journals, Magazines, Newsletters Social Media Pages and More

These days, accounting publications come in a wide variety of formats, from print journals and magazines to online newsletters and social media pages. Some publications, such as the respected Journal of Accountancy (JOA), offer information in a huge variety of formats. You can subscribe to their print magazine, subscribe for electronic news alerts on accountancy topics that most interest you and connect with them on Twitter, Facebook or Google+. You can also read online articles on their website, devoted to such topics as financial reporting, auditing, practice management, technology, taxes and professional development. The Journal of Accountancy also provides information through the Global CPA Report, which provides glimpses of accounting all over the world, as well as other reports and newsletters which can be of benefit to accounting students.

Another well-known publication is Accounting Today, which not only provides relevant online content but gives you an opportunity to connect with blogs and podcasts on topics of interest. The International Journal of Accounting, Accountancy, Journal of Accounting Research and Journal of Forensic Accounting are other well-known magazines that you may find of interest. With many of these and other publications, you can sign up for newsletters and alerts that you can receive and read daily or weekly to help keep you updated on news and trends in the accounting world. There are also blogs, like the Big 4, which will help you tap into news from some of the biggest accounting firms.

Specifically for Students

Some publications offer a student subscription at a special rate, recognizing that while students need up to date information, they may not be in the position to be pay full price. You can take advantage of such a student subscription rate, for instance, at The Wall Street Journal, which also has a special student journal section. Other publications, such as New Accountant, aim their content squarely at students. In fact, New Accountant produces an edition devoted to high school students who are interested in pursuing an accounting career, so if you’re a young student, this may be an excellent magazine to start with. In addition to that edition, New Accountant has feature articles, a section on international accounting, industry news and a career center. The career center has invaluable information such as CPA preparation courses and links to your particular state’s CPA Society and State Board of Accountancy.

There are so many choices of publications, it may feel overwhelming. It may be a good idea to peruse what’s available in your school or university library to get a feel for the journals and news sources that seem most relevant and helpful to your studies. With so many format choices at your fingertips, it should be easy to choose a variety of accounting publications that will help prepare you for your accounting career.