What is the Institute of Management Accountants?

IMAFor career accountants and financial managers, the Institute of Management Accountants  provides a wealth of resources, industry guidance and opportunities to enhance knowledge in the field through certification and professional development programs. Founded 90 years ago in Buffalo, New York, the IMA instituted core principles for professionalism that are still relevant today. These principles are based on ethical work standards, intensive research targeting evidence-based practices,and certification of professional competencies that ensure quality job performance.

Organizational Goals

As a representative of the accounting and financial management sector, the IMA always strives to improve the quality of the profession and its reputation within business and public circles. To that end, the Institute of Management Accountants works to:

  • provide a rigorous pathway of study leading to professional certification
  • build a networking base that offers professional support for advancing best practices and career opportunities
  • enhance professional skills, knowledge and leadership through continuing education programs
  • give the profession a voice to effect change through relevant publications
  • promote cutting-edge research and disseminate information about best practices
  • advocate for professional rights with regard to industry regulations and legal protocols

Promoting Professional Responsibilities with CMA Credentials

Accountants and financial management specialists have critical roles in business and society. They are responsible for

  • maintaining organizational management of finances
  • assisting employers and businesses to reach strategic development goals
  • tracking and reporting financial data accurately
  • ensuring that financial operations and transactions are ethically enacted
  • supporting sustainability measures involving responsible use of resources
  • and safeguarding the security and interests of businesses, stakeholders and consumers

To ensure that professionals can perform these tasks proficiently, the IMA provides a certification program to earn credentials that are respected by employers and can lead to career advancement. A Certified Management Accountant demonstrates a standard of professional excellence in areas such as analysis, financial planning, control, decision making and work ethics. The IMA program prepares participants for the CMA exam, which can be completed in as few as 12 months but must be finished within three years of starting. The exam requires two separate sessions, one covering financial reporting, control, planning and performance, and the other covering financial decision making.

Networking as a Tool for Advancement

One of the most important aspects of IMA centers around networking for professional and career growth. In addition to having a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, IMA also hosts its own LinkUpIMA site where members can exchange information about industry events, post announcements, share career tips, join a CMA study group or explore job postings. IMA’s networking emphasis increases the potential for career success in competitive accounting and financial management markets.

As global roles for accountants and financial managers continue to evolve, the IMA responds by reaching out to members to embrace their profession with passion and excellence. With over 300 world-wide chapters for professional collaboration and support for pursuing career goals, the Institute of Management Accountants makes this process a little bit easier for those it serves.

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