What Courses are Offered as Part of Online Accounting Programs?

Are you considering an online accounting program? Earning an accounting degree online is your chance to take control of your schedule and realize your career dreams. You may be doubting your ability to complete an accounting degree, but keep in mind that most schools offer tutoring, placement exams and as much academic help as you need. Colleges are ranked based on how many students graduate, so your school will do everything it can to make sure you earn your degree. Although the courses offered as part of an online accounting program may seem daunting, you can finish your education if you’re willing to try.

Accounting and Finance Classes

Of course, the majority of your classes will cover accounting or finance. For a bachelor’s degree, you can expect to take four to six accounting classes and two to three finance classes. Your program will likely offer a sequence of courses such as Accounting I, Accounting II and Accounting III. Although you will have to take the sequence in order, you can expect the content to be standardized and that each class will build upon the previous one. You may even have the same professor for the entire sequence.

Business and Economics Classes

An accounting degree prepares you to work in the business world, and that means you’ll take business courses. You might study Business Ethics, Management or Marketing. With this background, you will be able to see how different departments in a corporation work together. You’ll also lay the foundation for a graduate degree or a promotion to management. At most programs, you’ll also take Macroeconomics and Microeconomics. These two classes will help you understand how your work as an accountant can have an impact on the world.

General Education Courses

Although the value of general education courses is being called into question, associate and bachelor programs in accounting currently require this type of classwork. These courses are basic topics that student at a university, no matter their major, must take. The exact classes will vary by school, but you can expect at least one course in English, history, science and mathematics. You might also take several classes in a foreign language, coursework in composition and social or cultural classes like anthropology or sociology. These courses will help you learn the study skills for your more advanced accounting classes and should make you a more rounded student.


A bachelor’s degree usually requires 120 credits, but a typical accounting degree involves 36 to 45 accounting credits. Your general education and business courses will cover some of the deficit, but you will also need to take electives. Because these classes can typically come from any discipline, electives give you a chance to explore other schools of thought. Perhaps you’ve always to learn the history of philosophy or study astronomy. With electives, you can! Plus, many schools will let you use military or work experience as electives so you can finish your degree sooner.

Online accounting programs want to help you succeed. Whether you’re a first-time college student or have years of classes under your belt, you can find the help you need to excel at all of your courses.