What Careers are in Global Accounting?

For those interested, there are many different types of available careers in global accounting, or international accounting as it is often called. From managerial to clerical and research positions, and everything in-between, there is something for everyone in this growing industry. To find out more, read along as we briefly cover just a few examples of the many, great careers in global accounting to be had today.


Analysts come in all shapes and sizes and are exceedingly important in this field. They may analyze monetary exchange trends and then write reports based on that data. They may analyze specific goods or service markets along with the direction of global imports and exports. No matter what they analyze, these are essentially the professionals who gather and interpret some of the most important data anyone can use in the global accounting world.

Department Director

In many businesses dealing in matters related to global finance and accounting, some individual departments may be affected more than others. For example, a drug-maker may need to know how much of a certain drug to manufacture based on how specific global economies are doing at the moment. The research department or even the company’s storage and manufacturing departments may then be greatly affected. As a result, the department directors of these departments must be in tune with global patterns and their trickle-down effects therein.

Accounting Manager

Outside of global matters, accounting managers are responsible for the accounting activity that goes on through them and the personnel beneath them. Here, money matters and numbers are what it’s all about with accounting taking place on everything from trade numbers to costs, interest rates, material sales, and plenty more. When a company does work with global elements, the accounting manager must then also be able to handle all of those associated accounting matters as well. For those interested in pay, the average for this position lists at around $121,750 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Contracts Manager

The contract manager is the professional who oversees all of the contracts taking place between their employer and other parties. In global accounting, such contracts can then involve import and export exchange, monetary exchange, multi-national partnerships, management of off-shore property, and much more. Knowledge of global markets, company strategy, and international accounting is a must in this important position. Many companies refer to this position as “purchasing manager” while pay rates for it average at around $111,590 yearly, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Portfolio Manager

Portfolio management is all about managing the array of investments one has throughout the world and is, in fact, a type of financial analysis work. What percentage of my investment funds should go into this country’s production? What market signs should I look for before I make a move to pull an investment? These are the types of questions a portfolio manager sorts through as they manage their employer’s or investor’s investment portfolio, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Accounting can be a very important affair for the business, the individual, and even government bodies alike. Global accounting has the capacity to take on even more meaning as the assets and people of more than one country become involved. For even more ideas on careers in global accounting, the Association of International Accountants lists more information.