What Careers are Available to those who Major in Accounting with a Specialization in Forensic Accounting?

Tracking down the facts about fraudulent financial transactions offers challenges for college graduates with a specialization in forensic accounting. Persistence, an inquiring mind and an eye for detail are qualities that aid in the investigation of potentially illegal financial matters. Forensic accountants use scientific methods to detect and solve crimes in an emerging field in law enforcement. Criminal lawsuits often require testimony by an expert in forensic accounting to provide evidence of insider trading, embezzlement or other illegal activities.

Providing Services as a Forensic Accountant

Businesses may need a forensic accountant for fraud assessment while consultants who specialize in conflict resolution require assistance with personal disputes. Divorcing couples often have disagreements about the distribution of assets, and some may attempt to use illegal practices for personal advantage. Money is often a source of contention that can lead to fraudulent activities, and it may occur in matters related to taxation or shareholder disputes.

Auditing for Forensic Purposes

Investigating allegations of misconduct in the financial operation of a company requires a methodical examination of facts. Interviews with witnesses may produce relevant facts or admission of involvement in some case. A forensic auditor reviews email communications and electronic transfers of funds to develop a trail that may help identify illegal activities. An auditor working in the forensic arena may locate the root cause of issues that are not endorsed by companies. Making recommendations that improve cost control procedures can help deter illegal activity in the future. Writing skills are helpful in presenting investigative findings to corporate executives.

Taking Forensic Skills around the World

Companies that detect an illegal activity in the course of operations often need a crack shot consultant who can resolve an issue. Routine employment is a preferred career path for some graduates with a specialty in forensic accounting, but those who enjoy travel have the employment skills to do so. Graduates who have intellectual curiosity and can use it to detect something that seems unusual have the opportunity to delve into potential causes. Working as a consultant requires an ability to meet deadlines under pressure and acceptance of an assignment on short notice. Even though many companies around the world accept English as the language of business, a forensic accountant who knows other languages has a competitive advantage over other candidates.

Working with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

A special group of forensic accountants assists agents by conducting financial investigations into programs that target criminals, spies, terrorists and other groups that engage in illegal activities. Testifying on findings in court is an important duty that falls to a forensic accountant. Working with the FBI as a non-agent requires adherence to national security policies.

Opportunities to help businesses curtail fraud or detect criminal activity give forensic accountants challenging assignments that require careful attention to detail. Accounting majors who have a specialty in forensic accounting can work for business, the FBI or travel the world as consultants.