Is There a Downside to Studying Accounting Online?

Is There a Downside to Studying Accounting Online?

People who have ever wondered whether or not there is a downside to studying accounting online have landed on the right page! Studying online is a good choice for many people who cannot attend courses in a traditional classroom. But there are some things that they will need to consider before choosing this path to earning their degrees. A few of these considerations are described below.

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Independent Learning

One downside to studying accounting online is that it requires a high degree of independent learning. While students can contact instructors through email or by phone during office hours, instructors are not readily available to answer questions right away as they are in traditional classrooms. Because of this, students may need to find the answers to their questions on their own by sifting through their textbooks, online notes, research, or the syllabus.


The potential for distractions is another downside to studying accounting online. For the most part, when students attend courses on-campus, there are little to no distractions while the instructor is speaking. But this is not always so for people who choose to study online. There are many things that may distract online learners including, but not limited to, persons who come to visit, telephone calls and text messages, family members, pets, social media, and televisions.

Course Outlines

Yet another possible downside to studying accounting online is confusion pertaining to course outlines. Even the most tech-savvy individuals can often get confused when trying to decipher an instructor’s course outline and syllabus, and accounting software can be even more confusing. Isolation can contribute to this feeling of confusion, but the upside is that once one figures it out, they will be well on their way to a top-paying career. According to statistics found on the United States Department of Labor website, the average yearly salary for accountants in 2018 was $70,500.


For many people, another downside to studying accounting online is the feeling of isolation that they get from studying alone. Unless a course allows for web-based classrooms, students who study online have no direct interaction with classmates. While this aspect of online studying does not bother some people, others enjoy spending time with their classmates. It gives them a chance to talk about their courses and concerns regarding various assignments and exams.

Technical Issues

Something that all online learners need to consider when choosing to study accounting online is the potential for technical issues that may distract or hinder their learning. Computers may freeze or crash, and there may be days when the Internet is running slow. Power outages or late Internet payments can also hinder online learning. What all of this means is that even if online learners make sure that they have top-quality computers for their studying, technical issues can still occur.

Accounting is a highly lucrative and flexible career for business students who excel in mathematics. And choosing to study accounting online can be an excellent choice for students who are unable to attend a traditional campus. But there can be several downsides to studying accounting online, and some of the most common of these are described in the passages above.