Is the GMAT Required to Pursue an Online Accounting Degree?

You should know the GMAT requirements for online accounting degree programs if you are planning to enroll in an advanced degree program majoring in accounting. Every school and department has their own admissions requirements, and more competitive schools typically have more requirements. The GMAT is an admissions test that shows admissions councils whether or not an applicant has the skills that are needed to enter an advanced graduate program and the succeed in the program. Whether or not a passing GMAT score will be required to get accepted into an online accounting program depends on the type of degree and the school. Read on, and learn what you need to know to prepare for the admissions process.

Common Accounting Programs That Require the GMAT

If you are enrolling in a Bachelor’s degree Accounting program online, you do not have to worry about meeting GMAT requirements. This admissions test is strictly for students interested in applying to an MBA program. If you already have an undergraduate degree and you would like to earn your MBA with a concentration in Accounting, this is when the GMAT may be one of the admissions requirements. Both traditional on-campus and online MBA programs have GMAT requirements and the required score for entry into the program should be public information. There may be schools that do not specify a score, and these scores will generally look at the entire application to make a decision.

Do Any Programs Not Have a GMAT Requirement?

If you are taking an MBA program in Accounting, there may also be online programs that have no GMAT requirement. Instead of qualifying a student based on their test scores, these colleges will use the student’s personal statement, references, and academic history to make an admissions decision. It is more common for an online college to not have a GMAT requirement, but some traditional graduate schools do as well. You will need to review the school’s admissions process to find out if you need to submit your GMAT score. Sometimes, having a Master’s degree or another advanced degree in any area of study will waive a GMAT requirement.

What Should I Do If The Accounting Program has a GMAT Requirement?

If you are set on attending an accounting program at a specific school, it is important to take the test early so that your scores can be submitted. If the deadline to apply to a program is in January, it is recommended to take your GMAT by October so that you have time to schedule a retake. The very latest that one can take the test is in December, but waiting can lead to admissions delays.

Online accounting programs offer students the flexibility that many need. If you want to earn a business degree in accounting online, you need to be prepared to fulfill GMAT requirements. Remember, these are only for MBA programs and some other advanced programs. It is important to compare various programs that are reputable and accredited. Once you do this, compare the GMAT requirements for online accounting degree programs so that you can make your final decision on where to apply.