Are There Any Work-From-Home Accounting Jobs?

Accountants who want to work remotely may wonder if there are any work-from-home accounting jobs. The answer is that there are. Accounting is a role that can easily be done remotely. Many companies are taking advantage of this for the cost savings and many accountants see working from home as an outstanding perk. The following are some of the ways accountants can work from home.

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Work For A Company

Many companies, particularly startups, see the value in flexibility and allowing employees to work from home all or some of the time. Doing so significantly lowers overhead costs for the employer and it is a great perk for many employees who want to skip the commute and spend more time at home with their families. Technology has also made it much easier for members of a team to connect remotely, allowing solid productivity. When interviewing for a position, it is possible to negotiate remote work and point out its advantages for the employer. Aside from regular corporations in any industry and specialized accounting firms, insurance is another field that heavily hires accounting professionals that may be able to work from home.

Work For A Digital Accounting Firm

There are several online companies that specialize in providing outsourced accounting services to clients. These companies occasionally post job listings for completely virtual accountant positions that can be done from home. Someone interested in work-from-home accounting jobs should look at applying for open positions at these companies. Keep in mind competition for positions may be intense because many people want work-from-home accounting jobs and that these companies are not always hiring. It is best to go in with as many advantages as possible, such as work experience, proven successes, and a college degree.

Become Self-Employed

Many accountants set up their own businesses and offer their services remotely out of their home. They can also work as freelancers and do jobs for a variety of clients. Doing this requires an accountant to do much more than just accounting work, however. They have to take on other aspects of managing a business such as marketing, customer service, and general administrative duties. Fortunately, not only does the work lend itself well to self-employment, but accountants are going to have the professional knowledge and skills needed to properly maintain their business’s finances. If the business grows, accountants may eventually be forced to move into office space and hire employees or turn down work. How growth is dealt with will be up to the individual accountant.


A bachelor’s degree in accounting is almost always required for acquiring a job that allows remote work according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Accountants who hold the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) accreditation will be qualified for more roles and hold an advantage over other job seekers who do not. Prior experience in the field is also a huge benefit, such as working as an intern during college or working seasonally during tax time to gain experience. Some companies may require advanced degrees for more important positions or as an indicator of professional quality for accountants who are trying to land remote positions.

Accounting professionals are generally in demand across all fields, with this career’s projected growth being quite good. Coupled with the flexibility this profession offers, accountants have a number of options if they want to work from home. There are indeed work-from-home accounting jobs.