Franklin University – Master of Science in Accounting

For those in Central Ohio, or throughout the world, seeking out a flexible MASTER OF SCIENCE IN ACCOUNTING, Franklin University has heard your call. Accounting professionals are a very important part of almost all organizations and by obtaining a master’s degree in accounting from a reputable university, you can be sure that you are fully prepared to take on the challenges of the corporate world head on. Franklin University is the second largest private university in the state of Ohio and has been serving the needs of students since it was founded in 1902. With local classes available in the Columbus, OH area and online classes available throughout the world, obtaining a graduate degree in accounting from Franklin University is easier now than ever before.

Information About Franklin University

Franklin University was founded on the philosophy that focuses on adult students interested in completing their education while taking on other responsibilities, including work and family. The school is centered on the needs of its students and focuses on four specific areas. These areas include ensuring a high quality education, providing access to educational opportunities for all, adapting studies to the needs of students and responding to an ever-changing society and community. Because of this philosophy, Franklin University has been able to grow into an institution that is well known for its flexibility and high educational standards. Franklin University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and has been since 1976. The School of Business holds accreditation from the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education, or IACBE.

Objectives of the Accounting Program in the College of Business at Franklin University

The College of Business at Franklin University is pleased to offer a MASTER OF SCIENCE IN ACCOUNTING to students. The program is designed to teach students how to see the big picture when it comes to accounting. It also teaches students to be effective communicators, critical thinkers and to make use of technology to enhance their accounting education. The College of Business also puts a focus on giving students the tools they need to prepare for advancement in the accounting field including into leadership positions. They ensure that their students gain the skills that employers are looking for especially in areas like management control systems data analytics, financial accounting, forensic accounting, resource planning and risk management. Graduates with a graduate degree in accounting from Franklin University are well prepared to move into positions such as accounting managers, CFOs, controllers and auditors.

Admission Requirements for the College of Business at Franklin University

As with any graduate program, students wishing to apply to the College of Business at Franklin University will need to meet a number of admission requirements. These specific requirements are in place in order to keep up with the standards that have been part of Franklin University for over a hundred years.

Students applying for a place in the accounting graduate program at the College of Business must have earned a bachelor’s degree from an accredited school and obtained a GPA of at least 2.75 on a 4.0 scale. If a student does not have a cumulative GPA of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale, it is still possible that they could be admitted into the program if they submit high GMAT scores. You do not have to submit GMAT scores otherwise. Other considerations for admission include the candidate’s references, work history, personal qualities and references.

Curriculum for a MASTER OF SCIENCE IN ACCOUNTING from Franklin University

The curriculum at the School of Business from Franklin University is designed to teach students the skills that employers are seeking in new employees. For instance, you will find courses that teach forensic accounting. In these courses, students will learn how to conduct investigations based on criminal law and company policies. These investigations will be used to stop things like fraud, theft, collusion, embezzlement and more. Another curriculum that these classes will cover include financial counting and reporting. When focusing on this, students will learn about conducting research and reporting on things like financial transactions, conforming with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, known as GAAP and working with policies and procedures set forth by the organization.

Attending the School of Business at Franklin University Will Prepare Students for the Future

Upon graduating with a MASTER OF SCIENCE IN ACCOUNTING from Franklin University, students will be prepared to enter the workforce immediately. Because the courses are designed and written by industry professionals, unlike other schools, an education from Franklin University can be compared to on-the-job training. The insight and information that students are given from faculty can be applied in the real world, often immediately, as many students are also business professionals and will be working and attending class at the same time. Case studies, hands on training, learning simulations and group work are all used in order to help students understand the curriculum. The curriculum is also monitored and changed when needed in order to reflect the current business environment.

Franklin University is a revolutionary, non-profit university working towards preparing business professionals for a strong future. With many options for students, class can be attended when it fits your schedule and not the other way around.

For those looking for a flexible solution to earn a MASTER OF SCIENCE IN ACCOUNTING, Franklin University is an ideal choice. Local students can attend class on campus and students from around the country and the world can take classes online. For more information on Franklin University and the School of Business, contact them by phone at 1-877-341-6300.

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