Our Lady of the Lake University

OUR LADY OF THE LAKE UNIVERSITY in San Antonio, Texas, prepares students for many diverse careers and professions. The university offers comprehensive degree programs in all areas of the arts and humanities as well as pre-law, pre-medical and pre-dental programs. Modern educational training includes service learning and internships as traditional on-campus classroom instruction, weekend sessions and online courses. Weekend students in San Antonio, Houston and the Rio Grande Valley learn from the same fine quality faculty as the on-campus student body does. A primary goal of the university is to ensure that every graduating student has achieved an excellent education in his or her major field of study. In addition, all students learn how to become strong leaders within their communities and professions after graduating from this fine Catholic institution of higher learning.

Mission, Long-Term Vision and Strong Core Values of the University

OLLU’s strategic theme for 2014 is entitled, “Rooted in Providence: To Grow, To Graduate, and To Lead.” It was designed by faculty members and other academic staff with input from all areas of the university as well as professional market researchers. The three main elements of this plan will be implemented in the following manner:

  • To Grow. – By introducing new methods of presenting and delivering educational curricula and including new degree programs, the university will increase student enrollments and the average size of graduating classes. There are also plans to strengthen fundraising efforts and structure interactive campus operations to encourage and support expansion.
  • To Graduate. – University administration intends to empower each student’s determination to graduate well-prepared and confident to begin a meaningful, productive career path. In addition, there are plans to offer a greater variety of learning experiences and to ensure that graduates are ready to apply their talents and abilities in a multicultural work environment.
  • To Lead. – The university community intends to train all students to be innovative, self-motivating entrepreneurs in their thinking and career pursuits. Students will be encouraged to examine the importance of faith in their individual lives. Additionally, graduates will leave school with a commitment to value the need for superior higher education throughout the country.

Basic Information about Our Lady of the Lake University

The central core values of the university are exhibited in its active community, sharing faith in a Provident God and working toward its mission and ultimate vision. By transforming seekers into achievers and leaders, university faculty and staff enable students to discover their purpose and goals in life. OLLU is very proud of its many fine graduates in diverse fields of higher education who strive to better the world with faith, knowledge and understanding. Four major qualities of campus life that are constantly stressed are:

  • Sense of Community. – Students are included in the communal values of diversified modes of thought and expression. Productivity, responsibility and transparency are emphasized along with fresh, creative innovation.
  • Trust. – All members of the university community are encouraged to be accountable to one another and to support others while showing respect for the university’s valuable educational and cultural resources.
  • Integrity. – Relationships displaying genuine openness, high ideals and ethical interaction are stressed.
  • Service. – All members of the university community are called upon to share their personal skills, knowledge and energies toward promoting the best interests of the university, the nation and the world.
  • OLLU’s Academic Programs and Standing as a University

In the year 1923, OLLU was the first Catholic university, as well as the first college in San Antonio, to be awarded regional accreditation from the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Since then, the university has awarded many bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees to graduating students of high academic standing and outstanding personal character.

Popular degree programs offered today by the university include bachelor’s degrees in accounting, art, communications and learning disorders as well as education. Numerous master’s degrees are awarded in the fields of business administration, human sciences and nursing along with information systems and security. Many doctoral students graduate with degrees in psychology, counseling and leadership studies. There are also graduating students each year in professional preparatory programs such as pre-law, pre-medical and pre-dental studies.

Founded in 1895, Our Lady of the Lake University has an average class size of 25 students, and the current student/faculty ratio is 15 to 1. Ninety-nine percent of the freshman class receive scholarships that are based on merit or obtain financial aid. Among the highly regarded faculty members, 73% who are full-time hold PhD degrees. The university’s enrollment is now 2,614, with 1,489 undergraduates and 1,225 graduate students. On average, 33 bachelor’s degrees, 14 master’s degrees and two doctoral degrees are awarded annually. Campus life includes many social, personal development and religious activities and programs. Sports that are emphasized at OLLU include golf, tennis, soccer, basketball, volleyball, softball and cross-country.

Our Lady of the Lake University was the first college or university in Texas to offer a bachelor of science degree (BS) and bachelor of business administration (BBA) in 1995. It was also the first university in the country to include in its degree programs a doctor of psychology (PsyD) in counseling with accreditation by the American Psychological Association in 1990. In addition, OLLU was included, for the third year consecutively, on the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll for its extensive focus on innovative Latina education and empowerment programs in 2012.

University Lifestyle on a Scenic Lakeside Campus Within San Antonio

With a picturesque location on Lake Elmendorf in the center of San Antonio, Our Lady of the Lake University has much to offer in the way of student, faculty and staff campus life. It provides the calm safety of a modern, progressive educational, cultural, social and religious environment where students can receive a fine quality, comprehensive education. In addition, the campus is in close proximity to many arts and entertainment events and world class sports activities.

There are also opportunities for valuable professional internships in different fields within a short distance of the campus. Without question, OLLU in San Antonio, Texas, provides an ideal venue and opportunity for students from all areas of the U.S. and abroad to gain an excellent college education. While participating in a unique, highest quality, multilevel learning experience, all students at OUR LADY OF THE LAKE UNIVERSITY can develop leadership potential in preparation to assume prominent, meaningful roles as leaders in their professionals and communities throughout the world.